We are the Surrey Peer Education Project (SPED) for Looked After Young People in Surrey.  We meet every other Monday during the evenings. The meeting dates are in our events calendar. We are re-launching to include healthy lifestyles and key skills. This will also include a younger age group going from 14+ to provide them with the opportunity to learn about healthy lifestyles and key skills such as: cooking, finances, school, time management, revision and stress. We hope this will be more enjoyable and interesting for young people.

We plan on holding our meetings in one of Surrey's residential homes once a month. The members of the residential homes will be offered the opportunity to join the project whilst at the residential home. If they like the project and wish to carry on attending then they can come along to the meetings.

If you are interested in joining the project please contact us!

See the latest residential video here

A video by members of SPED.